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benny has transformed from pound puppy to potentially becoming one of America's most beloved celebrity dogs.

benny was born approximately February 2009, in Bonita Springs, Florida.  He is a male mix: Terrier and Border Collie.  I brought benny home from animal services when he was about 7 months old and recovering from kennel cough .  He was found wandering a vacant lot very underweight, and flea infested.  Originally he was taken home by a family and brought back most likely because he was not house broken, and literately bouncing off the walls with excitement.  He remains incredibly playful and fiercely loyal. 

benny is well behaved at the dog parks, but does not cower to larger bully dogs.  He surprises them with some Dog Fu and they immediately back off.  He has never bitten anyone and loves to give kids lots of kisses.  We never had benny formally trained, but he displays the ability to be quickly trained.  He is a ball of energy and so lovable.

My dog pound "mug shot" at a sickly 17 lbs, August 2009.  Many thanks to Lee County Animal Services for saving and helping me back to a healthy state.
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